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What and who is Studio 270?

Formed by Nathan Brandon in 2016, Studio 270 Media Company is a Western Kentucky based marketing studio that creates and manages marketing plans for many clients.  Is your website outdated? Do you need new graphic design for business cards, a billboard, or maybe some new window and vehicle decals? From graphic and web design, professional photography and commercial video production, large format vinyl graphics, print items and more, Studio 270 works to be the best so you can too.

Why choose Studio 270


Dealing with clients big and small, we see one common thread between them all, that they are being taken advantage of when it comes to web design and their site needs.  If SEO is costing you an arm and a leg every month and you are still not on the first page of results, or you are being charged a fortune every 30 days for a "maintenance fee", stop what you are doing and give Studio 270 a try.


Professional photography is a must in any industry, whether it is for your services, products or the amazing employees that make up your team, you need professional photos.  Studio 270 is one of the top rates photography studios in Western Kentucky for real estate and we give our clients the upper hand when it comes to looking good and standing our with those professional headshots. 

Ask us about our photo services.

Video Production

With over 14 years in the video production industry, we have created a ton of content.  Several long running TV shows, many TV and online commercials, so many amazing branding and corporate videos, and the list just goes on.  Being the best video production team is what we thrive to be for our clients, and the results have always shown with mind blowing analytics, especially when it comes to your website videos.

Large Format Graphics

When it comes to looking good and standing out to those potential clients out in the publics eye, we have exactly what you need.  With in house large format vinyl, Studio 270 can give your vehicle, your store front windows, or even your new sign exactly what you need for the perfect brand recognition.  Studio 270 has everything you need to put your business on the map.  Ask Studio 270 about your next graphic project.

Digital Marketing

We have been working with clients from Kentucky to Texas and beyond for years to create an online presence that for clients that makes them stand out.  Digital marketing is important because most clients come from brand recognition and what better place to start than online?  Don't let these other companies tell you it cost upwards of $1,000/ month and then have zero ROI, reach out to us for help.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is so misunderstood, especially on a local level.  The biggest issue with it is that many people pick up a design program and think they can successfully design things like logos, print, decals and signs but they have no idea how these things are truly created into physical form.  You need a team that knows brand standards, correct colors, and has a real design background, you need Studio 270.


Want to know more about Studio 270 and how we can help?  Shoot us an email.

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